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ShopMetrics by DI Labs, Inc. helps ecommerce stores make data driven decisions with deep cohort analysis, retention curves, prebuilt segmentation and actionable insights

About Us

We are Silicon Valley based data geeks who saw a bunch of e-commerce start-ups struggling consistently to monitor and measure their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). This led us to build ShopMetrics; where we are bringing together all the KPI’s in one place to help you understand your business’s profitability.

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Are you re-targeting the right Segment of Customers ?

We are bringing you deep insights into customer segments so that you can target these customers appropriately. From RFM Model Segments (Recency-Frequency-Monetory) to most common pre-defined segments are pre-populated on your account soon after data sync.

Have you been monitoring your Retention Curves ?

We’ve provided you with a way to understand your customer’s cohort retention along with their Revenue and LTV Contribution. And yes, you can analyze the retention for specific segment of customers too. Checkout our Customer Cohort Retention feature – its just a free trial away.

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