Easy and Simple Dashboard to monitor your daily KPI’s

Monthly/Quarterly Cohort Analysis for retention, AOV, LTV…
Prebuilt Segmentation with RFM and other most commonly used segments

ShopMetrics is an advanced metrics & insights tool which helps you improve your customer retention. It helps you easily track your customer cohort retention and important trends about your customers.

  • All Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) regarding Sales, Customers, Product & Variants etc. in a simple and easily digestible format.
  • Customer Cohort Analysis to track Retention, Customer Lifetime Value, Average Order Value and many more.
  • Track your store’s profitability by Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Shipping Cost, Transaction Cost and other costs – allowing you to have both Revenue and Cost metrics at one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our free plan is and will always be free. You can use it for all the basic features of ShopMetrics.

Advanced KPI’s available at ShopMetrics

  • Top KPI Dashboard – All key metrics at single place Revenue & Order Trends
  • COGS, Shipping Cost and other cost trends – calculated on per order basis Most valuable customers
  • Top & Least Selling Products with their inventory value
  • Monthly and Quarterly customer cohorts — Retention, AOV, Revenue, Lifetime Revenue, Orders etc.
  • Automated Customer Segments — RFM (Recency, Frequency & Monetery) Model Based and most used pre-defined segments

Automated Customer Segments

  • High RFM Segments: Champions, Loyal Customers, Potential Loyalist, Promising
  • Medium RFM Segments: Customers Needing Attention, About to Sleep, At Risk
  • Low RFM Segments: Can’t Lose Them, Hibernating, Lost
  • Low Average Order Value Customers
  • High Average Order Value Customers
  • Refunders
  • One-time Purchasers
  • Repeat Purchasing Customers
  • Never Purchased Customers

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